SarVid Foundation – Healingnest School

SarVid Foundation – Healingnest School

SarVid Foundation has embraced its vision derived from “social change” through “enablement”

At its core, we aim to enable stakeholders who will be torch bearers of change and drive those positive outcomes that will transform society for a better tomorrow.

A transformative society turning towards urbanization and economic disparity has resulted in major challenges with emotional health.

HealingNest under the aegis of SarVid Foundation is an attempt to bring a unique blend of self-realization, empathy, care, contentment, acceptance and effective communication at fore front of positive mental and emotional health

SarVid Foundation for kids is the major part of Healing Nest. We believe that education is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all, regardless of their socio-economic status. Our foundation is dedicated to providing educational opportunities and learning resources to underprivileged children who face financial barriers to accessing quality education.

At SarVid Foundation, we work tirelessly to bridge the gap by creating pathways for these children to access formal education, vocational training, and skills development programs. Through our initiatives, we aim to empower children with the knowledge and skills they need to break the cycle of poverty and achieve their full potential.

We provide school supplies, textbooks, meals and soft skills alongside daily help resources to ensure that children have the tools they need to succeed in their formative years. We prepare them for the real world by not only providing the necessary education but also life skills that can help them build a sustainable future. We learn and play, pick those cute transforming skills. Our children have wonderfully invested in skills which gave them an opportunity to create a market place on Holi for organic colours, Diwali for candles and home decorations. Kids are exemplary when it comes to singing and dancing alongside those rhythmic beats of musical instruments.

Our firm belief that life values of a of punctuality, hygiene, mutual respect, communication, expression, humbleness will evolve them into nucleus of a positive society.

“Character” takes shape in formative years which can be built on the foundation honesty and emotional skills. Our aim is to nurture well-rounded individuals who are not only academically competent but also socially responsible and emotionally resilient.

With the support of our volunteers, and never tiring attitude and selfless commitment, we have been able to make positive impact in the lives of hundreds of children, empowering them to dream big and reach for the stars. Together, we are building a brighter future and a more positive society, embedding those beautiful nucleus of positive change.

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