Goal-Oriented Approach for Fast Healing

At Healing Nest, our psychotherapist incorporates advanced methods to promote fast healing.

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Helping You Lead a Healthy Life

We look forward to helping our clients improve their lifestyle so that they are ready to enjoy their life to the fullest.

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Helping People Thrive With Holistic Approach

We, at Healing Nest, strive hard to deliver unrivalled physical and mental health support to our clients.

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About Us

Dr. Nidhi Gupta is one of the most reliable and reputable doctors with a passion to help people dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and much more. No matter if you are struggling with mental issues or wish to improve your physical health, she offers a personalized treatment plan for her clients.

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Youtube Channel

You can find us on youtube, we have a youtube channel named, “Nidhi Gupta” where we upload mental health help content, small tips, reminders, and mindful advice regularly, to give people easy access to self-help tools to make the journey of healing a little easier. We want you to be equipped with knowledge about yourself and things that can help you in daily life and manage your mental health in a better way.

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Identifying your mental health concern isn't an easy feat. Many patients find it hard to know which type of services they need. At Healing Nest, our psychotherapists will help you identify and treat the underlying cause of your mental state.

A psychologist/ psychotherapist are trained and licensed professional that are equipped with the skills to help people that are undergoing some kind of trauma or facing challenges in dealing with their overwhelming emotions that could be related to their job or personal life. They work in a structured way and help you deal with your challenges in an unbiased manner and with full confidentiality.

The time of the psychotherapist session will depend on your health condition. We, at Healing Nest, never follow one-fit-for-all treatment for our clients. Instead, we offer a personalized treatment plan that works towards your health concern.

People who are dealing with emotional, relationship, low self- esteem issues, stress and behavioural difficulties can take help of a psychotherapist. In addition, individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders can seek help from the psychotherapist.

Yes. We can help you in dealing with the trauma related to sexual abuse. Unfortunately, sexual abuse can (and does) happen in any age and to any gender. It can affect the overall quality of life too. Our psychotherapist can assist you in recovering from the trauma of sexual abuse and recovering from it.

Healing Nest offers professional services from expert psychotherapists skilled in offering a wide range of treatments and therapies that include Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Family Counselling, Interpersonal Therapy, Supportive Therapy and many more.

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