“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
– Carl Jung

Human beings are social creatures. The moment we arrive on this planet we are blessed with the beautiful connections i.e., relationships. We get a set of parents, grandparents and siblings too , many a times. All these relations have a significant role in one’s life, rather they are the essence of life, as we grow, they also evolve continuously in their own unique ways. Just like our basic need of hunger and thirst, we all crave for positive social interactions that makes us feel understood and supported. Nurturing and managing relations is full of joy and challenges, it is more than being friendly. Our emotional intelligence plays a big role in management of relationships.

These days, a sharp rise in relationship issues is being observed. They have become real complex and people are feeling incompetent in handling these challenges. The graph of loneliness, depression, anxiety, anger is on peak in population. Have we ever wondered why it is happening, when the planet has become so small with the technology and the use social apps have made it even smaller, but suicide rates has increased? People have become more active in virtual world and their list of friends is huge, they are good enough to interact through gadgets but in real they are lonely and feel incompetent in handling real life situations and relations.

Management of relations is an art that require the strokes of trust, love, care, patience and adjustment. The 3C’s stated below are the key elements for a strong foundation of any relationship to bloom. They are –

  1. Communication– Exchange of words and feelings is the bridge that forms any relationship. Though we communicate the whole day, but how effectively we do it is more important. It can be through words or could be non-verbal. It could be one way or two way. But exchange and expression is very important. The lack of communication is the first stumbling block in any relationship. It can gradually ignite a healthy relationship. It is important to speak out; expecting that the other person will automatically understand your problem, is the biggest mistake we make. When your child or partner wants to talk, stop what you’re doing and listen with full attention. Give people time to express their points of view or feelings. Not all people are good with words, give them time to express. Listening to other person in a non-judgmental way is a skill, it must be practised. It gives confidence to other person that he is respected and valued, thereby strengthening the relationship. Not all communication happens in words, so it’s important to pay attention to the body language also. Without effective communication in your relationship, it simply will not survive.
  2. Compromise– We all have our own model of world, that comprise of our perceived set of thoughts and beliefs. In a relationship two personalities come with their own thoughts, opinions and experience. So, the difference of opinion is inevitable. Follow the Principle of Agree to Disagree, it brings respect and space in a relationship. Accommodation and adjustment in relationship brings secure and fruitful results. The points of disagreements should be wisely identified . If both people are heard and understood it greatly prevents the person from feeling like they’re giving in, which can build resentment and conflict overtime.
  3. Commitment– It is an assurance that an individual looks forward to in any relationship. It means putting relationship before oneself. During the tough times, outweighing your ego is expression of commitment and gives strength in a relationship. Commitment is like honouring a relationship in one’s own unique way. The secret to truly fulfilling and joyful relationship is the reflection of your commitment. Always remember the good qualities of other person in times when things are not moving in the desired direction. It helps in loosening of the bundle of ill feelings and gears up to value relations over other things.

Relationships are very precious. They should be treasured like real jewels. Continuous nurturing them with love and care brings makes the life happy and contended.  

Never leave a true relationship for a few faults. Nobody is perfect, nobody is correct in the end affection is always greater than perfection.”

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Deepa garg
Deepa garg
4 years ago

Wow realy amazing concept, agree completely
Deepa garg

Deepa garg
Deepa garg
4 years ago

Nice thought

Reetu Garg
Reetu Garg
4 years ago

Nice concept!

Mohit Dudeja
4 years ago

I am afraid that the commitment part if your article doesn’t make sense to me..
I think, if a person ‘looks forward’ to a comitment in a relationship, he/she heads towards the dependence. Relationships should not seek, they should compliment.
A relationship becomes a burden when partners begin to expect, be it commitment or compromise.
Commitment binds a person however a relationship does not makes sense if an individual doesn’t want to be with his/her partner yet is bound by “commitment”
Instead of compromise, I’d use the term mutual understanding and compassion.
A love which seeks compromise, I’m afraid to think if it’s actually love or not.
Instead of seeking compromise, one must accept.
So I’d like to replace the word compromise with acceptance.
A relationship based on truth, faith, understanding, acceptance and trust is much more stronger than that based on compromise & commitment.

Amit Chandna
Amit Chandna
4 years ago

Well articulated , putting the dynamics and the complexities and value system of relationships into the three C’s takes some skillful thinking and writing .

4 years ago
Reply to  Amit Chandna

Thank you Amit😊

Meenakshi Madan
Meenakshi Madan
4 years ago

Well written and compiled thoughts.

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