Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment Services Near Me

According to the AIIMS report, nearly 18 lakh adults suffer from addiction in India. It is easy to fall into these patterns that only give us a few moments of pleasure but have a long-term effect on our physical as well as our mental health.

There is no one approach or method that works for everyone. The treatment depends on the substance of abuse, the level of care needed, and your personal mental health needs.

We use different methods like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). REBT, Art therapy, etc. to name a few. where we help you recognize, unhealthy behavioral patterns, triggers – like sudden life stresses, cues in the environment like visiting a neighborhood, social networks – like spending time with friends who continue to use the substance and thereby helping you break the vicious cycle and develop coping skills to deal with it. “One Day at a Time “ approach is used in helping recovery from drugs/ alcohol.

It also includes family counseling. The focus is towards identifying healthy ways of coping with day to day stressors and awareness  of those emotional needs and the other mental health issues that might drive you back to the same behaviors. We give you the support you need to get back to your healthy and improved lifestyle.

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