General Counselling

General Counselling / Psychotherapy

In today’s time, we continuously feel left out and burdened by our responsibilities and overwhelmed while trying to find a balance in our personal and professional lives, maintaining healthy relationships with people has also become a challenge.

A study shows that 14% of India’s total population suffers from mental health problems which include 45.7 million suffering from depressive disorders and 49 million from anxiety disorders.

A large number of people struggle mentally, but only a few get the help they need. Pandemic has bought our awareness towards mental health, how a mental wellbeing is important for a sound physical health.

It is as important as our physical health. If we are not afraid to ask for help/guidance when we struggle with our physical health, how is our mental health any different? Healing Nest Counseling services helps us to deal with a broad range of individual, interpersonal, and social problems effectively. Psychotherapy, can help you in making long-term changes for the better.

Different cognitive reconstructing techniques are used to  deconstruct unhelpful thoughts while supporting the existing personality structure. An eclectic way in talk therapy is used to treat people with emotional and mental health problems. A receptive approach, affection, care, and an environment are the core elements at Healing Nest where a person  can rediscover, learn and heal effectively.

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