“When you look at things from a different perspective your thinking begins to change but so often we see things as problems because we refuse to change our perspective.”
Sope Agbelusi

“The glass is half full or half empty” an often-used phrase to get an insight or understanding of someone’s thoughts. A depiction or an expression of one’s view about the world and self, i.e., a reflection of his inner world and perspective for the outer world. Every moment of life is driven by perceptions. Perception are like the epicentre for our emotions. Like the glass half full or half empty or it has scope to be filled is all individual’s way of looking at things as and when they come in life. Different people can have different perception for same thing.

This process of development of perspectives starts at very early age. The very first foundation of it is laid by the family, and gradually the society in which one live, and miscellaneous people that come in contact helps in further shaping of it. Fortunately, their knowledge gives hand on information and helps one to understand and cultivate beliefs and the structure of society. But unfortunately, they also fixate few beliefs and stereotypes that have no meaning or logic behind them in today’s time but are running in society for ages. At times the preconceived thoughts may ingrain a seed of narrow thinking that may hold one back to enjoy the beauty of every passing moment that come.

Life is like a normal curve, with its own ups and down. We are continuously exploring and, in the process, bringing in new learnings and experience. If we constrict or refrain from accepting those changes, we may miss out many opportunities that world has to offer. Life is beautiful, every day is a new day, a new blessing and a birth of new perception. The morning start of the day is like a rebirth not only of us but also our perception or perspectives. Each day comes with its own energy and vibes and our present is a present, which is a surprise. To enjoy the surprise of life, we need to evolve with every passing moments. But sadly, most of us don’t liberate the old school of thought and keep ourselves caged with it and judge our present with the past experiences. This rigidity abstains us from regenerating new outlook of life.

We need to renew our thoughts with every fleeting moment to bring happiness and peace in and around us, non-renewal of perceptions can lead to sadness, depression, anxiety or a cribbing. Broadening or Renewing Perceptions is an art.  An art that we all can learn, the art of accepting and sprouting with the changes. Change is constant and every single tick of life is unique and incomparable. Even God has also not created any time rewind machinethat means that no one can experience the same experience again. You may experience similar emotions but not same. Every sun rise brings in new meaning and hope.

A progressive approach or openness to vivid experience can bring in peace and calmness. We need to constantly readjust our frames. Nothing can be same ever; it may be similar. Let yourself outgrow from the pigeonholes and discover the joys that life has to offer. A child who has just started going to school learns so much in a day. He comes back home with his

experiential wisdom that he has gain over the day. Be mindful. Let yesterday be yesterday, a step towards a healthy mind and body.

“The moment you feel joy, the moment you laugh and change your perception, you change your immunity, your body chemistry, and your whole well-being.”
Debasish Mridha   

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Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta
4 years ago

Very enlightening… nicely drafted…

Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta
4 years ago


Amit. C
Amit. C
4 years ago

Enjoyed reading it ……your write-ups invoke contemplation of the imperatives of life, ever present and functional on conscious and subconscious levels, but it takes breaking free from conditioned impressions and response (which takes the “cause” for granted , with its inclination towards empirical “effect”) and moving towards moment to moment conscious awareness and attention, to realise the gap between “perceived reality” and “existential reality” for the reason of the loop it forms, like a spiral within a spiral) even existential reality at certain level owes its existence to the human attribute of perception (till the time and unless its free from thought and originates from something beyond any level of thinking).
I guess, the discernment can only be applied if we exercise “present moment awareness” dropping all the preconceived notions and conditioned patterns of brain. Your article amuses me in good way, moreso, for the reason as I am trying to learn and have been reading a bit about the brain-mind position and neuroplasticity with brain as a soup of neurotransmitters,with more or less recognised neuronal synapses, pathways of cause-effect with biological and empirical implications,and mind as intangible, invisible, unempirical hypothesis, leaving me seeking as to whether the brain as matter is the seat of mind OR mind as free awareness leads to existence and functioning of this matter, as the neuroplasticity points towards. What interests me even more, is the notings of neuroplasticity and tangible brain studies ,which are in tune with Buddha’s findings on nature of life and self as also with ancient yogic wisdom, much before advent of FMRI’s and PET’s or other mapping technologies.
You articles bring forth so many dimensions that are essential and of utmost importance in day to day life, yet taken for granted, needing our consciousness attention and action to enhance our understanding of life itself ,and your articles incite these reflections to dwell deep into the enquiry of nature of life and self in context of both the intrinsic and extrinsic world.
Keep up the good work 👍

4 years ago

Very well said and Beautifully written.

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