“It was the hardest time of my life, but the best part of my journey.”
                                                                                                                              ― Ellen DeGeneres

Life a time span from childhood to old age keeps on spinning with the permutation and combination of events. They could be happy or sad, may make us angry or frustrated or we may experience any other feeling from the rainbow of emotions. It is an inevitable and continuous process, the experience from that situation or events keep on varying. No two people experience the same feeling in similar situation. We all perceive the situations differently according to our state of mind and wisdom.  Life keeps us moving to different destinations, so arrival is for sure along with a gift of new experience. For some those experiences may gear up and take their life to new heights and beautiful destination and for some it may pull them down the ladder and managing that challenge may be tough for them. The hardest reality is that movement and challenges in life go hand in hand. But the perspective in handling the events/ experience reflects our strength and is purely individual. A similar experience can raise confidence and boost self- esteem of one person and the reverse may happen for other. It may stuck him into a web of complaints or conflicts and refrain hims to see the brighter side of that DISAPPOINMENT EXPERIENCE. The disappointment experience has its own beauty. The beauty that lets us understand the phenomenon of Experiencing the experience, a different shift in life perspective. This phenomenon is equivalent to Optimism.

Optimism is all about identifying the one right thing from the adverse. Someone has rightly said that “Never let a crisis go to waste”. We are always a leg below the new events that we encounter in life. Those disappointment experience or insignificant experiences gives us a significant intrinsic wisdom. A wisdom that teaches us the importance of few things and few people in life. No matter how many stories on similar experience we have heard from other people but learning by self from one’s own experience makes us wiser, strong and smart both emotionally and mentally. Every undesired happening shifts us to a higher level of maturity. We grow and look beyond our boundaries. It may extract the best out of us and can later glorify as the most beautiful part in the journey of life.

But If we continue to crib or remain upset, scared, disturbed or fearful of such experiences we hinder our process of evolution, the growth that can empower us to emerge as a fighter in that situation. The famous mountaineer Arunima Sinha, the first female amputee to climb Mt. Everest after the horrific accident. She didn’t lose her hope. Her courage and resilience rocked her back and she became the inspiration to all of us.

Many people have rightly said that Life is synonymous to School, where we give exam first and learn the lesson later. Most of the exams that we go through in life are surprises. There is no grading for it but only Learnings provided if we try to see the bright side of it.  Those who refuse to accept the learning from life lessons, may feel dejected, depressed, demoralised and demotivated. And unfortunately, they continue to face the similar set of problems throughout till they don’t mature out of it.

Experiencing the experience give us direction and strength in life and maintains the focus towards the present goal. Every experience is a great learning experience. Many great scientist like Einstein, Newton have experienced the experience situation many a times. Einstein faced many personal challenges before becoming a renowned scientist. He was jobless for almost 2 years and had to start working as a clerk, also he gave up his first child for adoption due to lack of finances and other reasons. But in those difficult time he came out with his four research papers that changed the direction of Special Relativity in Physics and gave his famous equation. Similarly, Sir Issac Newton intellectually secluded himself for 6years after the death of his mother and communicated through very brief notes, in these years he kept himself immersed in his passion and came out with Theory of Gravity. Both the scientist emerged out with the most significant discoveries in that time frame. There many more such inspirations, they emerged strongest and best in their thin times. The different array of experiences that we come across through different life situations may be scary, frightening or depressing at surface level but there is always a hidden message to learn on the brighter side of it.  Embrace them as they can unearth the hidden potential inside us, that we never tried or even thought about. They make us think beyond the ordinary. So, never feel disheartened in challenging times. Believe in the learning process of life and trust your instincts. Discover a new SELF from every experience that we have. Be compassionate and enjoy the learnings of “Experience the experience “phenomena with a pinch of salt. `

“There is always light in the midst of the Darkness, even if it’s only a pinpoint in the distance. And when it seems as if there isn’t, it’s just an illusion. Just a lie that the Darkness wants you to believe. Break through the illusion. Remember that you’re growing through it and towards the light. You are always growing towards the light.”
       Millie Florence, Lydia Green Of Mulberry Glen

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