“Talk is free, but the wise man chooses when to spend his words.”

                   ― Neil Gaiman, Odd and the Frost Giants

Communication the most fundamental unit of human existence. The moment we arrive on this planet we start communicating, the first cry of a child is symbolic of first message exchange, his communication with the world. Till the time language was not developed, the man in early age used sign language but communication was inherent. Communication is more than an exchange of words. It is the transaction of feelings. Like the first cry of a new-born creates a moment of joy for the parents, this cry is so comforting the one they were eagerly waiting for; the feeling of love that comes when our pet licks feet and his tail wagging in happiness waiting for the caress, or the smile that comes when by chance while cleaning the attic we happen to find an old college album refreshing the good old days, that makes us travel back to times of those memories. Ironically, without being vocal they communicate, and bond with warmth and innocence which is so pure and soothing. The cuteness is an overload in that bundle of joy or that little pup with a curly wagging tail or in nostalgic memories of good old days. All these moments and many more sweet little moments bring so much joy and happiness in our daily life.

This form of communication that is established without words is beautiful and more enduring. The words in a message play only a minuscule role in an interaction, but the way a message is expressed, the feelings imbibed in it plays a major role in any transaction of words. The non-verbal cues like the tone of voice, the body language, movement of hand and eyes reflect the depth of feelings in that message and forms more than 90% of our total communication. These non- verbal cues reflect the intent of the message conveyed. If the information presented or exchanged in an enchanting way it becomes cute. Like the brightness in the eyes of a toddler, when he learns to take his first steps, the smile so enchanting and charming. The innocence in his expressions is loaded with so much of happiness which is much more than any spoken word, or when two people in deep love exchange their feelings through their eyes. The glow on their face is so beautiful. These small gestures are more powerful than verbal communication.

Beauty in Sparkling Eyes

A study in Harvard University also found that in any type of communication words constitute only 7% of the total conversation, the body language (like the movement of eyes and hand, the tone of voice etc.,) constitutes 93% of the total communication. The addition of positive feelings creates the vibes that make the message more meaningful and receptive. The flavour of Cuteness that is visible not only in human but can be seen in non-human creatures and even cartoons. There is an AWWWW Effect when we see something cute, a feeling that we get when we see a round fat belly and munchkin pumpkin face and cute dimples in a baby and the naughtiness in the wide sparkling eyes sketched on that chubby face; or, a soft teddy bear with brown soft furry skin gives the warmth that is so comforting to hold and feel.

Unspoken Words

The cuteness that baby has or that wagging tail of the pet or any picture attracts us just like a magnet. It is a selfless emotion that is very pure and truthful and has a mesmerizing effect. That mesmerizing feeling is synonymous to cuteness. Most of the commercial advertisements that we see on television nowadays involve kids and pets. The babies and pets grab our attention in a biased way and have privileged access to our conscious awareness. Their adorable and lovable features attract people of all ages. Studies have shown that the response to cuteness is similar across cultures. The immediate attraction towards an enchanting picture of a baby stimulates our senses signals our brain thereby creating a rapid activity in it by releasing a chemical Dopamine which is also a called a Happy Hormone.  

There is a positive psychological effect when there is an endearing exchange. This effect acts like a force that shapes our behaviour for that moment and activates emotions of empathy, happiness and compassion. When the message is delivered to another person or masses in a pleasing way that has a more subtle effect. Like most people of my generation can still recall the sweet gesture of the boy in the advertisement of “Dhara Refined Oil”.

Even this approach can be adapted on a massive scale and can deeply impact in altering the ingrained thought process about their duties as a citizen. Like for e.g., developing a civic sense is the biggest issue to be addressed among masses by our Government of India. Though it is doing a commendable job in creating awareness for Clean India through Swatchta Abhiyaan, to invoke inner conscious of people if the government invest in the way of communication by painting a cute infrastructure along with that melodious music it will increase their conscientiousness and a better civic sense among masses. Even in our day to day life if we add the flavour of sweetness in communication, we will enjoy a more smooth and happy life. Cuteness in communication is also symbolic of togetherness as it helps in more healthy and better relationships. It is an antonym to loneliness and depression. Communication is an art a skill in which apart from the exchange of words we also exchange the vibes of the other person/ thing that gives more meaning to it. Like while flipping the old college album makes us remember the emotions associated with those memories; the positivity and energy it communicates bring, take us to a different level of happiness which is so unique and amazing, and no word can express that happiness. A toddler with a cute smile unknowingly brings a smile on a boring day. As such, we’ll always be drawn to cuteness whether we’re consciously looking for it or not.

If we intentionally work on the expression or adding the cuteness in our conversation, it can bring a dramatic change, most of the problems that crop in our life are due to lack of right expression in communication. More than words the underlying feeling conveys more, so we all should consciously work on our non- verbal cues in communication, as they are more powerful than spoken words.

You can talk with someone for years, every day, and still, it won’t mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel like you have known the person for forever…. connections are made with the heart, not the tongue.”

― C. JoyBell C.

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3 years ago

Wonderful Nidhi!!♥️Getting addicted to your beautiful thoughts portrayed on paper and this time *cuteness in communication* connecting many hearts 🤗Stay blessed and keep giving more

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